At the Center for Advancing Innovative Policy (CAIP) we specialize in working with a broad range of organizations, including community groups, national organizations, local and state leaders, as well as funders to create innovative policy advocacy strategies that succeed in fostering progressive policy change and building vital connections across movements.

We develop multi-issue policy research and analysis that takes into consideration the long and short-term goals of movements for social justice. We counter divisive identity politics, and focus instead on base-building, founding strategic alliances and constructing a shared, collaborative vision among partners and allies.

At CAIP, we aim to scale up the most effective local advocacy and political education strategies while maintaining their vision and integrity. We know that much of the most innovative and effective efforts towards social change have come from the vision of progressive national, state and local organizations and their leaders. We also know that these same organizations and individual organizers rarely receive training and preparation that focuses on their policy advocacy strategies.

Our years of experience in small, grassroots contexts, as well as in large, national policy shops have given us a unique experience that has allowed us to create a set of trainings that bring the most successful elements and strategies of both.


CAIP provides tailored consulting and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Policy agenda development

  • Coalition building

  • Materials development & review

  • Messaging analysis & strategy

  • Leading through large organizational shifts

  • Organizational transformation

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UNDERSTANDING INTERSECTIONALITY:  Before ‘intersectionality’ became newest movement buzzword it served as a very important concept by which to understand society and social injustice. This training will provide you and your team a vital primer on the concept of intersectionality, what it is and how it works. We will learn about common myths and misunderstandings about what intersectional work is and why it matters.This training is perfect as a primer to your strategic planning efforts or as you begin to develop policy agendas. It can also serve as a useful refresher for longer term coalitions struggling to foster a collective vision.   Rich with examples and case-studies, this training can help you get on the same page with your colleagues to move forward with a shared understanding.

INTERSECTIONALITY IN PRACTICE: Congratulations! Your organization has decided to move towards a more intersectional approach to your work. But what are the pragmatic steps your organization must take to live these values? This two-part training gives concrete steps on pragmatic moves that reflect intersectional values at all levels of an organization, staff and board. Trainings are tailored to individual organizations, and include time to workshop specific organizational questions. We will work with you in advance of training dates to garner information necessary to tailor time to your organizational needs and meet your goals.

BIG PICTURE POLICY ADVOCACY: How do we do policy advocacy that gets us closer to our ultimate goals, even if those are not currently politically viable? How can policy advocacy be a tool to create the conditions we want for our communities? Organizers will leave this training with concrete ideas about what can be accomplished through policy advocacy - and what cannot - as well as how to do policy advocacy without compromising our progressive values. In this training, you will learn to create short, mid-range and long term advocacy goals and strategies as well as best practices for working in coalitions and across organizations and movements. Trainers will work with you to tailor this session to your specific needs.

INTERSECTIONAL MESSAGING: With years of experience working across issues in the reproductive justice, LGBT, immigrants’ rights, anti-criminalization, and anti-violence movements, we are particularly well-equipped to train on winning intersectional messaging. In order to build meaningful partnerships, grow our movements, meaningfully represent our members, and advance a broad progressive agenda, it is imperative for our campaigns to consider the effects of our messaging practices on the goals of other progressive movements. In this training, you will leave with intersectional messaging best practices, a workshopped set of your organizational messages, and tailored tips for the future of your organizational and campaign messaging.